Let your home shine.

We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. Our cleaners aren’t contract workers – they are full-time employees. They care as much as we do.

On top of that, we know every home is different, so we allow you to give us special requests for those hard to reach places.


    40pt Checklist 50pt Checklist
    Lighting Fixtures
    TV & other monitors (not screens)
    Door Frames
    Tables & Chairs
    Behind wall units  
    Wipe Down 40pt Checklist 50pt Checklist
    Kitchen Counters
    Kitchen cabinets (exterior)
    Refrigerator (exterior, including top)
    Table tops
    Bathroom counters
    Bathroom shelves (exterior)
    Shower door
    Shower caddy/ soap dish
    Bathroom mirror
    Trash cans (exterior)
    Window sills
    Under A/C unit (if applicable)
    Trashcans (inside & out)  
    Scrub 40pt Checklist 50pt Checklist
    Wall behind stovetop
    Kitchen sink
    Microwave (inside & out)
    Toaster (inside & out)
    Load & run dishwasher (1 load) or Empty dishwasher if clean
    Bathroom tiles
    Bathroom sinks
    Heavy scrub of bathtub/shower  
    Heavy scrub of bathroom tiles  
    Heavy scrub of bathroom sinks  
    Stain removal  
    Floors and Baseboards 40pt Checklist 50pt Checklist
    Dry mopping
    Wet mopping
    Wipe down baseboards  
    Add Ons 40pt Checklist 50pt Checklist
    Extended time for areas of focus
    Inside oven   Included in Deep Clean
    Inside refrigerator   Included in Deep Clean
    Inside cabinets   Included in Deep Clean
    Before We Leave 40pt Checklist 50pt Checklist
    Change bedding and make beds
    Return Supplies if needed
    Straighten up
    Empty trash/recycling & replace liners
    Turn off lights & A/C unit
    Offer walk-through (if applicable)
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