Move In & Move Out Cleaning


One of the most common reasons for someone to hire a cleaning company is when they’re either moving into a new residence or moving out of one.

Note: Our Move In & Move Out services use our Move In/Out Cleaning checklist as the basis for the cleaning.

The reasons for this are very easy to understand: if you’re moving into your new place, you don’t want to deal with a mess left by the previous tenants; if you’re moving out of your current home, you don’t want to lose your hefty deposit because you missed some spots.

Whatever your reasons are, our Acadiana move out cleaning crew has the experience and skill to handle the job for you.

Move out cleaning

Are you moving out of your current residence and in need of some extra help with cleaning? No problem! Give Acadiana Maid a call and we’ll do your cleaning for you.

Moving into a new home can be an incredibly stressful situation. You shouldn’t have to face the added stress of cleaning, especially if you’re cleaning to avoid an unfairly priced bill from your landlord.

Instead of worrying whether or not you’ll receive your full rental deposit, go with Acadiana Maid and rest assured that all cleaning duties are taken care of. Hire us to do your move out cleanup for you and you can move into your new home worry free.


Move in cleaning

Our Acadiana move in cleaning services are perfect for those who have recently purchased a new home and are dealing with the mess left by the previous tenants.

The last thing you should have to deal with when moving into a new home is spend time dealing with another person’s mess. If you want your home completely made over and sparkling like it should be, our move in house cleaning package will get the job done.


Landlords/Property Managers


We perform these services for many landlords who want their property as clean as possible for their new tenants. We’ll get into areas that you might miss yourself and will leave your property looking brand new.

Feel free to call us at 337-344-3256 to schedule a cleaning. If you’d like to receive a free cleaning quote, please fill out our online estimate form.

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