What’s our basic cleaning include?


  1. Clean outside of refrigerator
  2. Clean outside of stove
  3. Clean stove hood
  4. Clean outside/inside of microwave
  5. Clean outside of dish washer
  6. Clean and disinfect counter-tops and back splash
  7. Spot clean outside of cabinets
  8. Clean/disinfect/polish sinks and faucets
  9. Sweep/vacuum floor
  10. Damp mop hard floor
  11. Vacuum floor rugs/mat
  12. Hand wipe light fixtures/switches


  1. Clean and disinfect tub and showers
  2. Clean shower doors
  3. Clean mirrors
  4. Clean /disinfect/polish counter-tops, sinks and faucets
  5. Clean and disinfect toilets
  6. Clean and disinfect floor
  7. Clean and disinfect towel bars
  8. Empty trash


  1. Vacuum carpet
  2. Vacuum rugs
  3. Vacuum/dust mop/damp mop hard floors
  4. Clean mirrors
  5. Wipe down televisions

Dining Room / Living Areas

    1. Clean all mirrors
    2. Clean sliding door glass and tracks if applicable
    3. Vacuum all carpets
    4. Vacuum rugs
    5. Dust mop/vacuum wood floors
    6. Vacuum and damp mop hard floors
    7. Clean Tabletop
    8. Organize Tabletop
    9. Wipe down televisions

Utility Room / Laundry Room

  1. Wipe down front of washer/dryer
  2. Vacuum and damp mop hard floors
  3. Vacuum area rugs

Deep Clean

Includes all of regular cleaning plus:

    1. Dust ceiling corners
    2. Dust light fixtures and disinfect switches
    3. Hand dust all horizontal and vertical surfaces
    4. Hand wipe base boards
    5. Dust and Clean ceiling fan
    6. Clean outside and top of refrigerator
    7. Dust blinds and damp towel clean where needed
    8. Clean top of door frames
    9. Clean windowsills
    10. Clean Trash Can Exterior
    11. Deep Scrub Countertop/Stovetop/Sink

Let your home shine.

We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. We aren’t contract workers - we are a family that sets high expectations and deliver just that.

On top of that, we know every home is different, so we allow you to give us special requests for those hard to reach places.

A clean office is a productive one.

We offer competitive rates for any workspace, big or small.

Our office cleaning services keep your place looking fresh year round, allowing your team to focus on what's important. Best of all, we will beat any competitor's pricing by 5%. That could save you a lot of money in one year!

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